Mixed Groups

Adult Small Group

  • Who: Adults
  • When: Weekly on Monday nights at 7pm
  • Where: Home of Dave & Amy Welday
  • Focus: 1&2 Timothy
  • Contact: Dave Welday, dwelday@ahigherlife.com


  • Who: Adults
  • When: Bi-Weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm
  • Where: Waterford Lakes Area
  • Focus: Various
  • Contact: Doug Hill 407-489-1417

 Huddle 131 (Named after Hebrews 13 1-2)

  • Who: Anyone welcome
  • When: Weekly on Tuesdays at 7:30pm
  • Where: Home of Nadine and John Nasby
  • Focus: Deeper study of Northland Oviedo’s Sunday sermon
  • Contact: John Nasby, 407-340-3623



    Adult Small Group with school-aged children

    • Who: Adults/Parents with school-aged children
    • When: Twice per month on Friday evenings (usually 1st and 3rd)
    • Where: Rotate Homes
    • Focus:Family-based fellowship & Northland Oviedo devotional or sermon. We gather at a home for dinner together and enjoy a time of fellowship and encouragement without much structure.  After dinner, the parents gather and discuss Biblical material (sermon, devotional, etc.) while the children play outside together, or some are invited in to the adult discussion when appropriate. Sometimes the parents chip in together to cover the cost of a babysitter for the younger ones while the discussion is going on.
    • Contact: Krystie Scamehorn 407-492-8959

    Adult Small Group with children of all ages

    • Who: Adults/Parents with children of all ages 
    • When: Every Friday night from 6:30-8 pm                
    • Where: Rotates between 4 houses (Oviedo/Winter Springs)
    • Focus:Family-based fellowship enjoying a time of fellowship and encouragement with a focus on a particular subject.
    • Contact: Bryan Dilger 630-888-8982

    Adult small group with growing families

    • Who: Adults with young and growing families
    • When: Every other Friday evening (5:30-7:30pm)
    • Where: Morales household
    • Focus: Family-based fellowship and study.  We will gather at the Morales household and have a time of fellowship followed by a structured bible study/bible discussion.  Topics will be decided as a group. We encourage children to participate if they want to, but since some are still young, they are able to just play together inside or outside.  We are wanting a very child-friendly atmosphere and understand and are willing to be flexible with our times together.
    • Contact: Mikey Morales 813-335-1944

    Adult Sunday Morning Group

    • Who: Adults
    • When: 9-9:45am at RTS prior to the Sunday service.
    • Where: RTS (Student commons 2nd floor or in the HUB depending on the weather)
    • Focus: Various Studies
    • Contact: Hector Del Valle  | 407-907-3547

    Family Small Group

    • Who: Families with Middle/HS Children participating
    • When: Weekly on Sunday nights at 6:00pm (includes dinner)
    • Where: Rotate Homes
    • Focus: Various Studies
    • Contact: Jim and Donia Davis

    Couples Groups

    Couples Emeritus

    • Who: Retirement-age couples
    • When: 1st & 3rd Tuesday evenings at 7pm
    • Where: Home of Dave and Marilyn White
    • Focus: Bible Study- Aging in the Grace of God
    • Contact: Dave White, whitedp@yahoo.com

    Brown’s Group

    • Who: Couples
    • When: 2nd & 4th Tuesday evening at 7:00pm
    • Where: Home of Tim and Susie Brown
    • Focus: Books of the Bible / Social outside of group meeting time
    • Contact: Susie Brown, Susiebrown@cfl.rr.com

    Married Couples Group

    • Who: Married Couples
    • When: Sunday Nights 6-8pm
    • Where: Lloyd Home
    • Focus: Book of Ruth 
    • Contact: Hillary Lloyd, Hillarylloyd5@gmail.com        585-721-8680

    Men's Groups

    Forge Men's Bible Study

    • When: Weekly on Tuesday mornings at 7pm
    • Where: Canterbury Retreat Center
    • Focus: Rotating Bible Teaching
    • Contact: Dan Lacich, dan.lacich@northlandchurch.net

    Guys Who Fellowship

    • When: Weekly on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm
    • Where: Northland Oviedo Offices
    • Focus: Paul in the New Testament
    • Contact: Freddie Reyes, pitoreyes23@gmail.com

    Wednesday Morning Men's Group

    • When: Weekly on Wednesday mornings at 6:30am
    • Where: Northland Oviedo Offices
    • Focus: Deeper study of Northland Oviedo’s Sunday sermon
    • Contact: Lawrence Wachter,   lawrence.wachter@gmail.com

    Thursday Morning Men's Group

    • Who: Men
    • When: Weekly on Thursday mornings at 6:30am
    • Where: Townhouse Restaurant Oviedo
    • Focus: Books of the Bible
    • Contact: Bill Sloan

    Men’s Breakfast: First Saturday of the Month

    • Who: Men
    • When: First Saturday of the month at 7am
    • Where: Breakfast Club Oviedo / 1977 Alafaya Trail
    • Focus: Fellowship
    • Contact: John Nasby

    Tuesday Morning Women

    • Who: Women of all ages
    • When: Tuesday mornings at 9:30am
    • Where: Home of Linda Tanner in Winter Springs
    • Focus: Books of the Bible
    • Contact: Linda Tanner joyheart3@yahoo.com

    Tuesday morning women

    • Who: Women of all ages
    • When: Tuesday mornings at 10am
    • Where: Home in Tuskawilla
    • Focus: Seeking truth in God’s Word and applying it in everyday life
    • Contact: Jena Clark

    Wednesday Morning Women's Group

    • Who: Women of all ages
    • When: Weekly on Wednesday 10:30am - 12:30pm
    • Where: Kathy Stanley’s home 330 Suncrest Ct. ,Oviedo
    • Focus: Prayer and Bible Study                                        What better way for women to grow in faith than reading and discussing scripture, then applying it to their prayer life and every day journey in this world.
    • Contact: Kathy Stanley | 407-761-1564

    Wednesday Evening Women's Group

    • Who: Women of all ages
    • When: Weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm
    • Where: Rotate between two homes near RTS, Oviedo
    • Focus: Books of the Bible
    • Contact: Naomi Reyes, Nmara323@gmail.com

    Women's Fellowship/Prayer Group

    • Who: Women of all ages
    • When: 4th Thursday of the month at 9:15am
    • Where: Rotate between homes/restaurants
    • Focus: Prayer
    • Contact: Linda Sloan | 407-925-3696

    Women's Groups

    College/Young Adult Home Group

    • Who: College students and young adults
    • When: Tuesday nights at 6:30pm
    • Where: Home of Dan & Barb Lacich
    • Focus: New Testament Bible Reading Plan
    • Contact: Dan Lacich, dan.lacich@northlandchurch.net

    Post-College Young Adults Group

    • Who: Young adults out of college
    • When: Weekly on Tuesday nights at 7pm
    • Where: Home of Garrett & Amanda Lacich
    • Focus: The Provocative God/ Monthly outreach to memory care community
    • Contact: Amanda Lacich, suzieq1621@aol.com

    Young Adult Groups

    Student Ministries

    High School Small Group

    Middle School Group (Trending Tuesdays)

    Children's Ministries

    Grade School Small Group

    • Who: Grade school students (1st-5th grade)
    • When: Bi-weekly on Monday nights (starting September 10) from 6pm-7pm
    • Where: Northland Oviedo Offices
    • Focus: Rotating Topics
    • Contact: Kelly Wilde kelly.wilde@northlandchurch.net