Safety & Security

Your child's safety is important to us at Northland Oviedo. All of our trained staff and volunteers go through a thorough application process that includes a criminal background check and verified reference check.

When you bring your child to Northland Oviedo, you will be asked to register your child at our Sign-In table. We need some basic information about your sweet little one, so that we can give him/her excellent care. Your child will receive a uniquely numbered sticker that is to be placed on his/her back, with a matching sticker for you. When you pick up your baby at the end of your worship experience, you will be asked to provide this sticker. If you are needed, we will text or call your cell phone. Your child's safety is our primary concern.

Infant Dedication

We strive to partner with parents in helping the youngest in the Kingdom take their first steps toward God. A few times a year we provide the opportunity for you to dedicate your baby during the worship service.

Before the dedication, you will meet with the Pastor and Children’s Ministry Coordinator to discuss the service, and allow you to meet other families. Infant Dedication is special, because you are essentially entering into a covenant with Northland Oviedo. You are promising to raise your child to know Christ and committing your family to a local body of believers. We, in turn, promise to provide opportunities for faith growth for your entire family, to support you, and pray for you.